How to use the Micro Nano Foot File

How to use the Micro Nano Foot File

Micro Nano Foot File instantly reveals your soft baby feet after 1 use. The surface of the Micro-Nano Foot File is the perfect foot scrub that removes dry skin (callouses) while exfoliating your feet at the same time! No Irritation. No Over Filing. Only Soft Feet. Continue reading to learn more about the Micro Nano Foot File and how to receive its full benefits ->

Let's get started... Step-by-Step:

1. Identify whether you want to use the Micro Nano Foot File with WET or DRY feet, or even Both!

2. Attach the suction cup and give it a few tugs to make sure it is securely attached. Using a suction cup to help support its use is great for speed and large areas such as heels. 

3. File back and forth until the area is soft, smooth and free from any callous. 

4. For small areas, remove the suction cup and carefully file the desired area.

5. Now Conquer the world and Enjoy your new Baby-Soft-Feet! 

After Treatment: You can use the Micro Nano Foot File to remove the dry, dead, cracked skin, whenever your feet feels rough or calloused!

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