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Clarity Nail Shiner

Clarity Nail Shiner

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Transform brittle, dull nails into healthy nails in 1 step by giving them a mirror-like shine without any damage.


The Clarity Nail Shiner uses nanotechnology to give a long-lasting shine for up to 14 days. The Clarity Nail Shiner is designed to easily reach the curves of your nails, effortlessly shining the whole surface. Replacing the traditional 3-6 step nail buffers. No more over-buffing your nails for an unacceptable shine.
Get that healthy glow while still maintaining that strong healthy nails.

How to use

Lightly file back and forth until your nails shine. Great to use during nail polish breaks or when you want that natural sparkle!

What causes damaged nails?

Everything we are exposed to in our environment can harm our nails like water, air pollutants, soap, nail polish, and other harsh chemicals. These factors break down the layers of the nails and their structure over time, resulting in thin, weak, ridged, chipped nails. The clarity nail shiner is designed to support your nail care routine (polish breaks) by bringing out your nail’s natural shine and minimising nail damage.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Nail Care Made Easy

    Confidently achieve professional salon results quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

  • Long-Lasting Results

    One session, lasts up to 14 days on shine! Undisturbed by nail polish remover, acetone and daily tasks

  • Strength & Design

    Nano-technology to create an infinite shine while minimising nail damage.

One-Step Nail Shiner

Long-lasting mirror shine for up to 14 days

  • Step 1: File

    Swipe the Clarity Nail Shiner back and forth (left to right) until you get your desired shine.

  • Step 2: Enjoy !

    Beautiful, salon-finished shine, while reviving the natural beauty of your nails after several months of polish and nail extensions. Reduces the appearance of yellowing.

  • Ways to use

    File, Buff, Shine. Smooth out the ridges, file the edges, and polish your nails leaving them with a beautiful, salon-finished shine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dawn Kilpatrick
It works

I was sceptical because I have never used glass nail polish boards. This thing really works! No more foam blocks.

Mrs Patricia Davies

Great best I've ever had

Jo Leech
Fantastic product

This is such a good product. It is SO easy to use and the shine it gives makes my nails look fantastic. I thoroughly recommend it.

Anne Woodward
Is it worth it

Reluctant at first due to cost especially with delivery but really happy with product that is so easy to use and time saving with brilliant results.

Penny Brooks

I used to have the big foam nail shiner but had to eventually through it out because it wore down pretty fast. So glad I found this. It's so much better and faster than the big buffers and I can even wash it! Amazing. Recommend.