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Dry Skin Remover x

Dry Skin Remover x

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The dry skin remover is our exclusively designed callus remover for small areas and nail-side calluses.


The Dry Skin Remover is developed by our founder for a need to efficiently remove callus in small, hard-to-reach areas around the fingers without worrying about over-cutting or leaving uneven marks associated with using Nail Nippers and Cuticle Scissors. The simplicity of the design allows everyone to quickly and effectively remove dead skin with minimal effort. Comes in 2 surfaces; Dry Skin Remover x and Dry Skin Remover.
✔ Dry Skin Remover (sensitive to normal skin)
✔ Dry Skin Remover x (normal to rough skin)

How to use

File back and forth. Adjust the pressure accordingly. Finish off with cleaning up the hang-nails with Nail Nippers or Cuticle Scissors.

What causes nail-side callus?

Calluses are caused by a build-up of dry dead keratin, these harbour bacteria causing irritation, infection, discomfort and pain. Therefore should be regularly removed before it becomes harmful to the health.

Shipping & Returns

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Why Choose Us?

  • Nail Care Made Easy

    Confidently achieve professional salon results quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

  • Secret Make-Up Exclusive

    Remove dead skin/ callus from small hard-to-reach areas with precision and control. Just file them right off!

  • No Uneven Cut Marks

    Don't have to worry about over-cutting or leaving uneven marks associated with using Nail Nippers and Cuticle Scissors ever again.

Dry Skin Remover x

Remove dry skin as dust without over-cutting or leaving uneven marks

  • Step 1: Open

    Remove from case and pouch.

  • Step 2: File Wet & Dry

    File until the area is soft smooth and free from callus. File Dry = powder/dust. File Wet = soaked dead skin.

  • Step 3: Enjoy !

    Wash the Dry Skin Remover after every use and put back in its case, ready for the next session.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
clare sayers

great product

Alison Buntain
Nice products

My hands, nails and feet have never looked so good 😊

Angela Bune
Dry skin remover

Absolutely amazing, have terrible dry fingers. This item is amazing- afterwards hand creams soak in better. I use every few days. Can’t wait to order some other items now I know they work! Great customer service too, thank you

Clare Bolton
Dry skin remover

Great product and service

Kathryn Dabner

Love it. Recommended to my sister in law. Would like to see new products like a travel kit variety easy to carry.