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Magic Crystal (Bundle of 3)

Magic Crystal (Bundle of 3)

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Magic Crystal Hair Remover; Bundle of 3


Magic Crystal Hair Remover uses micro-cuticle abrasion paired with our patent-pending technology to painlessly remove the hair shaft layer-by-layer. The skin is also exfoliated leaving it smoother and brighter. No ingrown hairs. No pain. No mess. No waste. Only smooth soft skin.

How to use

Rub the Magic Crystal on the area (with little to no pressure) to remove unwanted hair.After every use, wash the Magic Crystal. Put it back in its pouch, ready for the next session.

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No risk to sensitive skin from additives, foams, creams or chemicals. A great sustainable alternative to wax, razors and creams.

Shipping & Returns

We are confident you'll love our products. However, if you find the product doesn't work for you, we do offer a 14 - day returns policy. Read more about our returns policy.

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Why Choose Us?

  • One-Step Hair Removal

    No preparation, disposables or carbon emissions. Just easy, pain-free hair removal.

  • Secret Make-Up Technology

    Patent-Pending Worldwide. Magic Crystal Hair Removal, uses nano-glass technology to remove hair painlessly, without chemicals, refills or blades.

  • No Ingrown Hairs/ Bumps

    The hair is not cut or plucked below the skin but it is left with a fine tip at the skin surface, this eliminates in-growth and reduces the appearance of regrowth.

The First. The Original. Magic Crystal® Hair Remover

Reusable & Chemical-Free. No ingrown hairs. No pain. No mess. No waste.

  • Step 1: Attach Suction Cup

    Attach suction cup on the surface (for large areas.) Small areas, remove the suction for precision and easy navigation.

  • Step 2: Rub

    Gently rub the Magic Crystal in a circular motion until the hair is gone. This process takes approx. seconds-minutes depending on the type of hair.

  • Step 3: Moisturise

    Moisturise the area and enjoy your silky smooth skin. The Magic Crystal helps reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and bumps after repeated use. Safe to use in-between laser treatments.

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