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Metal Foot File

Metal Foot File

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The daily foot file.


The professional metal foot file effectively removes thick and rough callus. Its ergonomic and non-slip grip handle allows for effortless fast results. Best used with Micro Foot File for the ultimate baby feet.
✔️Rust-Resistant ✔️Stain-Resistant

How to use

Regular use of the Metal Foot File eliminates bacteria build-up and callus-related foot pain. To get the best results, use the Metal Foot File to remove the outer keratin build-up. Then, follow up with the Micro Foot File for a soft smooth, finish.
🍃Dry Feet - Callous will come out as powder/dust
💦Wet Feet - Callous will come out as soaked dead skin

What causes cracked heels?

Cracked Heels are caused by a build-up of dry dead calluses, these calluses eventually crack, allowing bacteria to get into our bodies (causing an infection). Therefore should be regularly removed before it becomes harmful to the health.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Effortless Results

    Efficiently remove bacteria build-up and callus-related foot pain. Best used with Micro Foot File for the ultimate baby feet.

  • Metal Micro-Hex Pattern

    Our permanently etched micro hexing pattern removes the thickest and driest callus without over-filing the good skin underneath.

  • Convenient Storing

    Designed for function; Hanging-hole allows for convenient storing.

The perfect daily foot file

Ergonomic and non-slip grip handle for maximum comfort

  • Step 1: Choose your surface

    Identify the area of callus you want to remove and the surface for that task.

  • Step 2: File Wet & Dry

    File until the area is soft smooth and free from callus.

  • Step 3: Enjoy !

    Wash the Metal Foot File after every use and hang it back, ready for the next session.

Customer Reviews

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Helen Coleman
Brilliant Product

The metal foot file is strong and beautifully made. The handle fits well in your hand which makes it so easy and comfortable to use. It arrived quickly too. Would recommend.