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Micro Foot File

Micro Foot File

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The dry skin remover is our exclusively designed callus remover for small areas and nail-side calluses.


The surface uses a Micro Hexing pattern to leave a soft smooth finish without causing irritation or overfilling the good parts of your skin. ✔️Compact Design. ✔️Chemical-Free.

How to use

Regular use of the Micro Foot File eliminates bacteria build-up, callus related foot pain. To get the best results, use the Micro Foot File on Dry Feet. Then, follow up on wet feet to complete the routine.
🍃Dry Feet - Callous will come out as powder/dust
💦Wet Feet - Callous will come out as soaked dead skin

What causes cracked heels?

Cracked Heels are caused by a build-up of dry dead calluses, these calluses eventually crack, allowing bacteria to get into our bodies (causing an infection). Therefore should be regularly removed before it becomes harmful to the health.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Effortless Results

    Micro Foot File eliminates bacteria build-up and callus-related foot pain. Soft smooth feet in minutes!

  • Glass Micro-Hex Pattern

    Our permanently etched micro hexing pattern removes the thickest and driest callus without over-filing the good skin underneath.

  • Strength & Design

    Designed for function. For large areas, attach the suction cup as support. Small areas, remove the suction for better precision and control, while maintaining a slim profile for on-the-go foot care.

Micro Foot File

The basic essential for all homes

  • Step 1: Attach suction cup

    Attach suction cup on the surface (for large areas.) Small areas, remove the suction for easy navigation.

  • Step 2: File Wet & Dry

    File until the area is soft smooth and free from callus. File Dry = powder/dust. File Wet = soaked dead skin.

  • Step 3: Enjoy !

    Wash the Micro Foot File after every use and put back in its pouch, ready for the next session.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Katie Sayce

Love this! I’m obsessed with keeping my feet in good condition as I’m barefoot a lot of the time (or wear sliders) which only makes the potential of hard skin build up worse - so I’m constantly buffing and creaming to keep them looking good.

I was pleasantly surprised with how abrasive this foot file was but gentle at the same time. Really saw the skin dust fly off to leave baby smooth feet underneath. I was so impressed that I ended up buying quite a few more products on the site.

It’s nice that it’s light and handbag sized too, unlike a big cumbersome regular foot file which loses effectiveness after a few goes.

I definitely recommend this product.

Kathleen Y
Fabulous foot file!

This is a wonderful product, it works really well even from the first time of trying. The customer service is brilliant, very friendly and helpful indeed. I thoroughly recommend.

Ms Kay Fensom
It’s great

I’ve tried a lot of products over the years. None have worked as well as this. My daughter even noticed how smooth my feet were.

Laura Robertson
Great product

It's a great product

donna blewett
No longer embarrassed by my feet

This is such a fantastic painless way to remove hard skin! I couldn't believe how soft and smooth my feet feel's! I've even removed my husband's troublesome callous that's given him issues and pain for several years