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Secret Nail Nipper

Secret Nail Nipper

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Super sharp jaw blades to ensure a clean and precise cut of nail cuticles. Cuts even the tiniest cuticle with a light snip.


Our Secret Nail Nipper is simple to maintain. Designed for user-servicing and repair. Built to last. Precision - with every use, doesn't pull or tug your delicate nails. Constructed entirely from surgical-grade stainless steel, designed with handle-coated non-slip silicone for a firm and steady grip.

How to use

Remove its silicone cover and start trimming your nails.
Caution: The blades are extremely sharp.

What causes nail damage?

Everything we are exposed to in our environment can harm our nails like water, air pollutants, soap, nail polish, and other harsh chemicals. These factors break down the layers of the nails and their structure over time, resulting in thin, weak, ridged, chipped nails. Our glass nail care tools are designed to aid your daily routine by strengthening your nail and minimising damage without spending hours.

Shipping & Returns

We are confident you'll love our products. However, if you find the product doesn't work for you, we do offer a 14 - day returns policy. Read more about our returns policy.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Nail Care Made Easy

    Confidently achieve professional salon results quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

  • Built-in Spring

    Handle coated with non-slip silicone to easily manoeuvre in the smallest of corners.

  • Strength & Design

    Designed for user-servicing and repair. Built to last. Made entirely from surgical-grade stainless steel.

Precision on every snip

Surgical-grade jaw blades to effortlessly trim your nails

  • Step 1: Open

    Remove from pouch.

  • Step 2: Trim

    Trim the corners of your nails and cut your hangnails with a snip.

  • Step 3: Enjoy !

    Attach the silicone blade cover and put back in its pouch for safe keeping.

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