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Super Jumbo Filer

Super Jumbo Filer

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File your nails without any unpleasant scraping sensation, while leaving a soft gentle feel right at your fingertips. 


The Super File *Jumbo Size glides onto your nails with ease, making shaping your nails a quick and easy task. Made from permanently etched, premium crystal to help minimise keratin breakage. It is also used for prepping the nail bed before putting on nail polish/ gel.
✔️Stain-Resistant ✔️Easy to clean

How to use

File back and forth in 1 direction to prevent keratin breakage.
Prep for polish: File the nail surface to remove natural oils and excess dust, this allows for the gel to last longer.

What causes nail damage?

Everything we are exposed to in our environment can harm our nails like water, air pollutants, soap, nail polish, and other harsh chemicals. These factors break down the layers of the nails and their structure over time, resulting in thin, weak, ridged, chipped nails. Our glass nail care tools are designed to aid your daily routine by strengthening your nail and minimising damage without spending hours.

Shipping & Returns

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Why Choose Us?

  • Nail Care Made Easy

    Confidently achieve professional salon results quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

  • Tempered Crystal

    Made from permanently etched tempered crystal. Stronger than other crystal nail files. Maximum durability. Minimum nail breakage.

  • Jumbo Size

    Dual-sided, jumbo size Super Filer designed for efficiency, precision and ease. Makes filing your nails an easy task!

Super Crystal File

Shape with ease. No keratin breakage.

  • Step 1: Identify Nail Shape

    Remove the packaging and choose your desired nail shape.

  • Step 2: File in 1 direction

    Glide the Super Filer on the edge of your nails in 1 direction to minimise keratin breakage and discomfort on the tips of your nails.

  • Step 3: Prep for Gel (optional)

    File the nail surface to remove natural oils and excess dust, this allows for the gel to last longer.

Customer Reviews

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kerry robinson
Great products

Love the nail file ind cuticle remover so much that I place a second order with on days for some other products